The Last Word on Syria

Myths, Fabrications. Lies. Every war has had its fair share, but at no time in history has it been so easy to create a lie and disseminate it so widely and so quickly.

And no war in history has been associated with as many myths, fabrications and lies as the Syrian conflict.

From the earliest ridiculous propaganda about Syrian demonstrations being faked in the studios of satellite news channels, to pro-regimists who even as late as August 2011 doubted the very existence of a Free Syrian Army and army defections, to the more recent lie of the century; that rebels in two Damascus suburbs simultaneously gassed themselves with chemical weapons on August 21st 2013, in a PR stunt.

This page will serve as a one stop resource to the finest and most informed sources on major Syrian issues, to help dispel the fog of fiction that is essential to any dictatorship’s workings, and one that has been especially essential to the continued existence of the Assad regime.

While a lie may very well be able to travel halfway around the world in record time, the truth can now put its shoes on with a click of a mouse.

Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria – The Last Word; proving the culpability of the Assad regime in the chemical weapons attacks on Ghouta, and rebutting both Agnes Mariam and Seymour Hersh, while providing background on their extensive propaganda and diplomatic efforts on the part of the Assad regime.

Chemical Weapons Use in Syria – One Stop Resource Page

[important]How to use this resource The information on this pages provides articles and links that prove the culpability of the Assad regime in the August 21st chemical weapons attacks on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. The following are ways on how they can be used; Copy/paste the summary at the end of the page Copy/paste …

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