Aboud Dandachi.From Homs to Istanbul is the blog and journal of Aboud Dandachi, a Syrian from the city of Homs. After living through the Syrian Army’s artillery and tank assault on his neighborhood of Inshaat in February 2012, Aboud moved to his hometown of Talkalakh. Continued fighting between the FSA and the Syrian Army in the town forced another move to the coastal town of Tartous.

In September 2013, following the regional, political and military fallout of the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons against two Damascus neighborhoods, Aboud finally made the decision to leave Syria. He arrived in Istanbul on the 22nd of September, 2013.

Aboud has been published, interviewed and cited on Syrian issues in numerous outlets, including the BBC, NPR and the Israeli and Turkish press. A full list of Aboud’s published writings and interviews is available here.

Aboud is the author of the ebook “The Doctor, the Eye Doctor and Me: Analogies and Parallels Between the World of Doctor Who and the Syrian Conflict”.

Professionally, Aboud is a PMP certified project manager and IT systems architect.

Aboud can be followed on Twitter @AboudDandachi