Observations of a Homsi Living in Tartous

Professor Joshua Landis is one of the most respected and highly regarded analysts on Syria and the Middle East. Having studied in Syria for a time, he married from Syria, and has been an expert on the country for decades. He runs the very highly respected website Syria Comment. Professor Landis was kind enough to […]

How to Get a Syrian Passport in 9000 Easy Steps

The always impressive Syria Deeply recently posted an excellent article on the trails and tribulations of Syrians who fled the country without their passports. A black market Syrian passport costs anywhere up to $2000. And with so many Syrian consulates and embassies shut down the world over, even renewing a passport legally often involves taking […]

Ruminations On Healthcare In Tartous

This morning a friend commented that it was a good thing I was in Turkey when I discovered my spine problem, and not in Syria. I agree. As I left things in Tartous, I’m not sure I could have gotten the full care I’d have needed. Not that there aren’t any qualified doctors in Tartous. […]