Obama Lacks the Credibility to Sell Used Cars,Much Less Lead an “Anti-Terror” Coalition

Barack Obama is a man who desperately wishes that foreign-policy wasn’t part of the job description that comes with being President of the United States. After six years of trying to “pivot” away from the Middle East, Obama is discovering that just because one doesn’t have an interest in the Middle East, is no immunity […]

We Thought Obama Was a Neville Chamberlain. He Turned Out to be Judas Iscariot

If there was any doubt at all that Barack Obama never intended to work towards the removal of Bashar Assad, one only needs to read his latest justifications for not arming the Syrian rebels. In a now infamous interview with CBS News, Obama called the idea that the USA could arm a moderate rebel force […]

Jeffrey Goldberg’s Whitewashing of Obama’s Syria Policy

Jeffery Goldberg, the award winning and highly influential columnist for Bloomberg View and The Atlantic, recently had the opportunity to accompany Chuck Hagel, the USA’s Secretary of Defence, on a tour of Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The trip, as Goldberg wrote in Bloomberg, apparently answered a question that had been “nagging” at him for […]