What to Expect in a Post-Conflict Syria Under Assad

In recent days there’s been alot of talk about the possibility of a political settlement to the Syrian conflict. Opposition demands that Assad be removed from power as a precondition to any negotiations, have been described as “outdated” and failing to “to reflect the situation on the ground”. Well, let’s take this viewpoint to its […]

Repentent Activists – Cry Me a Fucking River

As the conflict in Syria dragged on, and the initially peaceful revolution turned increasingly into a bitter and horrific civil war, we started to see more and more activists bemoan the militarization of the revolution, and the dominant role taken on by hardline extremist Islamist groups such as Jabhat Al Nasra and the ISIS (no, […]

Syria,the Lessons that Must be Learnt

An article in today’s New York Times pretty much confirmed what many observers of events in Syria and the Middle East, had been suspecting since Obama’s backing down from his self defined “chemical weapons red lines”; the present American administration has reconciled itself to Bashar Assad’s continued rule over Syria, and the preservation of the […]

Ruminations On Healthcare In Tartous

This morning a friend commented that it was a good thing I was in Turkey when I discovered my spine problem, and not in Syria. I agree. As I left things in Tartous, I’m not sure I could have gotten the full care I’d have needed. Not that there aren’t any qualified doctors in Tartous. […]