Appeasing Assad; Why Jeffrey Sachs is so Very Wrong

The Huffington Post recently published an article by Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University calling for the United States and the international community to drop its demand that Assad relinquish power, viewing it as the main reason the conflict has dragged on for so long. On Twitter, Sachs has elaborated on […]

One Day, it Will be an Alawite Who Finally Kills Assad

In the runup to the Geneva 2 peace talks, there was widespread speculation that the opposition team at the negotiations lacked the leverage and influence among rebel brigades on the ground in Syria, to make any agreement meaningful (a point that became moot as the talks concluded with no agreements whatsoever having been reached). And […]

It’s Time to Save Lives and Stop ISIS by Obliterating Assad’s Airforce

Within the past forty-eight hours, Bashar Assad’s helicopter gunships and warplanes have unleashed yet more indiscriminate bombings on the city of Aleppo and the Damascus countryside, on a scale not seen since the German Blitz on London in WW2. The civilian death toll from air attacks just for the three days of February now stands […]

Observations of a Homsi Living in Tartous

Professor Joshua Landis is one of the most respected and highly regarded analysts on Syria and the Middle East. Having studied in Syria for a time, he married from Syria, and has been an expert on the country for decades. He runs the very highly respected website Syria Comment. Professor Landis was kind enough to […]

How to Get a Syrian Passport in 9000 Easy Steps

The always impressive Syria Deeply recently posted an excellent article on the trails and tribulations of Syrians who fled the country without their passports. A black market Syrian passport costs anywhere up to $2000. And with so many Syrian consulates and embassies shut down the world over, even renewing a passport legally often involves taking […]