After Conquering Raqqa, ISIS Enters Mosul. Are the Obamanite Isolationists Happy Now?

In the summer of 2013, I was living out of a hotel room in the regime loyalist coastal town of Tartous, having fled the fighting in Homs and the subsequent battles in my hometown of Talkalakh. Even though while in Tartous I wasn’t taking much of a role in the revolution, I never stopped hoping […]

Jeffrey Goldberg’s Whitewashing of Obama’s Syria Policy

Jeffery Goldberg, the award winning and highly influential columnist for Bloomberg View and The Atlantic, recently had the opportunity to accompany Chuck Hagel, the USA’s Secretary of Defence, on a tour of Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The trip, as Goldberg wrote in Bloomberg, apparently answered a question that had been “nagging” at him for […]

Never Again – the World’s Most Despicable Lie

This week the world observed the 20th anniversary of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, when up to one million Rwandans were butchered over the course of three months by extremist Rwandan Hutus. To mark the event, solemn ceremonies were held. Speeches made. And countless determined resolutions were uttered that such inhumane savagery would “never again” […]

The LA Times in Talkalakh; Less of a Truce, More of a Military Occupation

Recently, the LA Times’ Beirut bureau chief Patrick McDonnell had the opportunity to visit my hometown of Talkalakh. Under the control of the Syrian army since June 2013, Mr McDonnell was shown around the town by regime officials, and got the chance to interview the ever prevalent Khalid Eid, a “former commander” in the FSA […]

Putin’s Plans for Ukraine are Hafiz Assad’s Old Playbook in Lebanon

The Russia Today website recently published two news items, the substance of which revealed a great deal about Vladimir Putin’s intentions and plans for Ukraine. According to RT, Russia’s narrative on recent events in its western neighbor is one of a coup by an opposition dominated by Neo-Nazis, which culminated in the overthrow of the […]

For the Sake of Syria, the Political Opposition Has to Grow Up

(Note; This blog post referred to a statement released by the Syrian National Coalition on February 19th 2014. The statement has since been removed from the coalition’s website, but its substance can still be read here) The Syrian National Coalition recently released a statement denouncing what it perceived to be Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s […]