It’s Not Islamophobia That Keeps Me Up At Night, it’s Antisemitism

(By Aboud Dandachi) Pamela Geller. Bill Maher. Daniel Pipes. Sam Harris. Richard Dawkins. Proof that Islamophobia can be a very profitable and rewarding line of work. But for all their blustering, even the combined whining of the entire Islamophobia industry can scarcely hope to inflict long term damage on a religion with 1.5 billion adherents. […]

Want to Make a Statement Against Extremism? Start Supporting Your Local Jewish Publication

On January 27th 2015, commemorations were held world-wide in remembrance of the Holocaust. Seventy years after the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, these remembrances are as necessary as ever, as evidenced by the past year’s rising tide of antisemitic attacks the world over. And while it may be impossible to stop every terrorist attack […]

Obama Lacks the Credibility to Sell Used Cars,Much Less Lead an “Anti-Terror” Coalition

Barack Obama is a man who desperately wishes that foreign-policy wasn’t part of the job description that comes with being President of the United States. After six years of trying to “pivot” away from the Middle East, Obama is discovering that just because one doesn’t have an interest in the Middle East, is no immunity […]

Malala Yousafzai and the Failure of Muslim Moderates

A year ago in September 2013, the teenage Pakistani education advocacy activist Malala Yousefzai opened a £188 million library in the British city of Birmingham. Having spent the previous eleven months recovering from a shot in the head inflicted by Pakistani Taleban terrorists in retaliation for her activism, Malala had become the most commemorated teenage […]

ISIS May Not Have Reached Canada,but the ISIS Mentality Has

The Middle-East is a depressing place. Today the Levant serves as a cautionary tale in how quickly societies can tear themselves to pieces when the only dominant ideologies are extremist ones. A lesson, apparently, which many Western societies seem to be losing sight of. Against the backdrop of the current conflict in Gaza, the past […]

While the Levant Burns,the Region’s Non-Arab Societies Get on With Life

During my university studies in Jordan, I had the good fortune of studying under some superb Iraqi professors. Iraqi engineers and scientists were acknowledged as being the very best in the Arab world, and Jordan offered a rare outlet for the talents of the heavily sanctioned Iraqi people. In the aftermath of the 2003 American […]

We Thought Obama Was a Neville Chamberlain. He Turned Out to be Judas Iscariot

If there was any doubt at all that Barack Obama never intended to work towards the removal of Bashar Assad, one only needs to read his latest justifications for not arming the Syrian rebels. In a now infamous interview with CBS News, Obama called the idea that the USA could arm a moderate rebel force […]