Aboud in the Media

A list of Aboud Dandachi’s interviews, published articles and citations in the international, Israeli and Turkish press.


“Corbyn accused of comparing Israel to IS at anti-Semitism report launch” – Israel’s i24 News 30th June 2016

“Warum ein Syrer Israel ausdrücklich danken möchte” – Germany’s Die Welt 26th April 2016

“EU Turkey Migrant Crisis Deal” – BBC World Have Your Say 18th March 2016 (11 minutes into the program)

“Syrian refugee reported: 74% of Syrian refugees would support Israel in a war against Hezbollah” – Jerusalem Online 10th March 2016

“EU and Turkey edge towards a deal on migrants” – BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight 7th March 2016

Syria sides make mutual accusations of truce violations – Israel’s i24 News 28th February 2016 (06:20 minutes into the program)

“פליט סורי פתח אתר: “תודה עם ישראל” – Interview in Hebrew with Israel’s Ynet 19th February 2016.

“Syrian opposition calls on U.S. to take tougher line against Russia” – Israel’s i24 News 10th February 2016 (04:45 minutes into the program)

“Senior opposition negotiator Alloush not optimistic about Syria talks” –  Israel’s i24 News 2nd February 2016 (01:50 minutes into the program)

AJC Live – The Refugee Crisis In Europe – AJC Live 13th January 2016 (20 minutes into the program)

“The Morning Edition- European migrant crisis summary – Israel’s i24 News 24th December 2015 (4:00 minutes into the program)

“How is the world reacting to the Syrian refugee crisis?” – Jerusalem Online 22nd December 2015

“Jews part of group sponsoring Syrian peace advocate” – The Canadian Jewish News 21st December 2015

“The World Tonight 21st December 2015” – BBC The World Tonight 21st December 2015 (8 minutes into the program)

“Syria: scores of people evacuate Homs Amid local truce” – Israel’s i24 News 9th December 2015 (5:30 minutes into the segment)

“BBC World Have Your Say” – BBC 9th December 2015

“Jihadist Groups Among Those Represented In Syria Opposition Talks” – Israel i24 News 8th December 2015 (5:30 minutes into the program)

“ISIS, Paris Attacks & Europe’s Migrant Crisis with Syrian Refugee Aboud Dandachi” – TheLipTV with Phil Assouline 18th November 2015.

“Syrian dissident: Europe’s reaction to anti-Semitism encouraged ISIS” – Jerusalem Online 15th November 2015

“BBC Newshour October 31st 2015” – BBC Newshour 31st October 2015 (18:15 minutes into the program)

“Israel’s i24 The News Today 4th November 2015” – Israel i24 News 4th November 2015 (6 minutes into the program)

“Israel’s i24 The News Today” – Israel i24 News 25th October 2015 (31 minutes into the program)

“Turkey’s Migrant Policy: They Can Come, But They Can’t Settle” – NPR 22nd October 2015

“Syrian Refugees In Turkey Face Exploitation, Despair As War Lingers At Home” – International Business Times 24th September 2015

“Syrian activist: Israel’s generosity towards Syrians proves that our conflict is not irreconcilable” – CIJNews 8th September 2015

Discussion on the present state of the Syrian political opposition – Israel’s i24 News 8th June 2015

“BBC World Have Your Say – Palmyra and ISIS” – BBC 21st May 2015 (I come in at 10:30, 21:20 and 22:30)

The American Plan to Train Vetted Syrian Rebels – Israel’s i24 News 11th May 2015

Assad’s military – the beginning of the downfall? – Israel’s i24 News 30th April 2015

Arab Coalitions in Yemen and the Region – Israel’s i24 News 19th April 2015

The situation in the Yarmouk refugee camp – Israel’s i24 News 8th April 2015

Iran’s Role in the Region & the Nuclear Talks – Israel’s i24 News 31st March 2015

Discussions on the Syrian conflict and BDS – Voice of Israel 3rd March 2015

“Why Aren’t the Moderate Voices in Syria Being Heard?” – Israel’s i24 News 25th February 2015

“Syrian Activist Blasts Foreign Deal to Train, Arm & Equip Syrian Moderate Forces” – The Jewish Press 20th February 2015

“Syrian dissident speaks out about Denmark terror attacks” – Jerusalem Online 16th February 2015

“BBC World Have Your Say – Charlie Hebdo: How Far can Freedom of Speech Go?” – BBC 14 January 2015 (I come in at 8:30 and then 18:20)

“BBC Trending – Segment on the fake Syria Hero Boy” – BBC 22nd November 2014  (segment starts eight minutes into the show)

“Syria’s War: The Lego Keychain that saved a refugee”  – BBC 18th November 2014

Twin Cities Public Television’s “BelEhdan with Ahmed” – 17th September 2014

“Like ‘Doctor Who,’ Syrian Activists Hang In Limbo Post-Election” – NPR 7th June 2014. Profile piece by Deborah Amos of NPR on Aboud, his experiences in Syria and his book “The Doctor, the Eye Doctor and Me”.

“BBC Newsday” – BBC 3rd June 2014. Interview with Aboud on the Syrian presidential elections (around 10:40 minutes into the show).

“BBC Trending” – BBC April 2014. Interview with Aboud on the #Savekessab Twitter campaign.


Published Articles

“On the Fifth Anniversary of the Syrian Civil War, a Stateless Refugee Says Thank You” – Tablet Magazine 14th March 2016

“Want to Make a Statement Against Extremism? Start Supporting Your Local Jewish Publication” – CIJA’s The Exchange 6th November 2015

“What would it take for Syrian refugees to go back home?” – Jerusalem Online 3rd June 2015

“The Ramifications of ISIS’ Conquest of Palmyra” – The Jewish Press 1st June 2015

“Op-Ed: It’s not Islamophobia that keeps me up at night; it’s anti-semitism” – Jerusalem Online 17th April 2015

Want to Make a Statement Against Extremism? Start Supporting Your Local Jewish Press” – The Jewish Press 9th February 2015

“Stand Against Extremism” – Jewish Independent 6th February 2015

“הפליט הסורי מציע איך להלחם בטרור” – Israel Channel 10 Website 1st February 2015

“Three Lessons Learned from Syria” – Daily Sabah 04 December 2014

האימה בסוריה: מבט מבפנים” – Mishpacha Magazine 18th September 2014

“Malala Yousafzai and the Failure of Muslim Moderates” – Diplomacy Post 31st August 2014

“Syria Op-Ed: Who is to Blame for the Islamic State of Iraq? — Barack Obama & Bashar al-Assad” – EA Worldview 12th June 2014

“How to Show Foreign Media a ‘truce’ – The Story of Talkalakh” – EA Worldview 15th March 2014

“Assad sarà ucciso da uno dei suoi” – Il Foglio 12th February 2014

“It’s Time to Destroy Assad’s Airforce” – EA Worldview 5th February 2014

“Observations of a Homsi Living in Tartous” – Syria Comment 20th January 2014


Quoted on Syrian & Middle Eastern Issues

“The plight of Christians in the Arab World” – Jerusalem Online 24th December 2015

“How is Hanukkah portrayed in the Islamic world?” – Jerusalem Online 9th December 2015

“The Donald Might Just Lose Some Of His Best Friends In Turkey” Buzzfeed – 8th December 2015

“Analysis: Russia bombing Turkmen prompted Turkey to down Russian airplane” Jerusalem Online – 25th November 2015

“Syrian refugees respond to their ‘worst nightmare’” IRIN News – 16th November 2015

“Analysis: Islamic world’s reaction to the Paris terror attacks” Jerusalem Online – 15th November 2015

“A Syrian refugee who lives in Istanbul, explains to Mishpacha Magazine Why Europe is the destination of choice for refugees” Mispacha Magazine -September 2015 (part 1 here) –  (part 2 here)

“Did global warming lead to the Syrian crisis?” Jerusalem Online – 25th May 2015

“American Jews Rethink Loyalty to Democratic Party Over Iran Deal” Jewish Press – 5th April 2015

“Arab World Adjusts to Shift in U.S.-Iran Relations” New York Times – 4th April 2015

“Syrian refugee: My home village was looted down to the copper wire” Jerusalem Online – 15th March 2015

“Syrian activist refugees are starting to speak out and share their experiences with the rest of the world” Jewish Press – 13th March 2015

“Syria’s Assad, IS militants avoiding each other on battlefield: data” Middle East Eye -13th December 2014

“#BBCtrending: Anger over ‘Syria hero boy’ fake” BBC Trending – 17th November 2014

“Syrian ‘hero boy’ video faked by Norwegian director sparks anger” Middle East Eye – 15th November 2014

“The faked ‘hero Syrian boy’ video was irresponsible and dangerous” Global Post – 14th November 2014

“What is the Future of Syrian Refugees?” Daily Sabah – 3rd November 2014

“Syrian Alawite demonstrators call for governor’s resignation in Homs” Middle East Eye – 02 October 2014

“41 children killed in Syria school bombing” Middle East Eye – 01 October 2014

“Iraq: The Unwinnable War?” Maclean’s – 18th September 2014

“The Islamic State or Assad? Isn’t there another choice?” Washington Post – 25th August 2014

“Not the Anti-Semitism of My Parents Day” By Sally Abrams in the Times of Israel – 30th July 2014

“Turkey’s Syria Policy Vs. Law Enforcement Issues” Daily Sabah – 21st July 2014

“Turkey’s ‘open border’ policy has not backfired” By Ceylan Ozbudak in Al-Arabiya – 19th July 2014

“Syria’s war, 3 years on: ‘a horror film’, in faces of the dead and voices of revolt” By Molly Crabapple in The Guardian – 14th March 2014

” ‘Reconciliation’ takes hold in embattled Syria town” LA Times 9th March 2014

“‘My thoughts were misread,’ says Halla Diyab”  Al-Arabiya 3rd February 2014


References and Citations

“In Calgary, Pro-Israel Protester Reportedly Strangled With Israeli Flag; Syrian Refugee Compares Violence to ISIS” Algemeiner – 23rd July 2014

“Suriyeli mülteciler: Avrupa’nın borcunu hatırlatmak” By Ceren Kenar in Turkiye Gazetesi – 8th May 2014

“Syrian Refugee Blasts BDS Movement” Frontpage Mag – 27th February 2014

“Netanyahu’s Visit to Syrian Wounded Slammed by Rebels, Praised by Refugee; ‘There is Goodwill and Humanity on the Israeli Side’ “ The Algemeir – 22nd February 2014

“Amazing Blogpost from a Syrian Refugee in Istanbul” Elder of Ziyon – 20th February 2014

“Assad and the Enemy Within” Brian Whitaker in Al-Bab – 12th February 2014

“Esad’ı sonunda öldüren Suriyeli bir Alevi (Nusayri) olacak!” By Ceren Kenar in Turkiye Gazetesi – 11th February 2014