Obama recently offered yet another justification for failing to arm the Syrian rebels,stating that teachers and farmers make bad soldiers. Which in the end just leaves us with these guys
Obama recently offered yet another justification for failing to arm the Syrian rebels,stating that teachers and farmers make bad soldiers. Which in the end just leaves us with these guys

If there was any doubt at all that Barack Obama never intended to work towards the removal of Bashar Assad, one only needs to read his latest justifications for not arming the Syrian rebels. In a now infamous interview with CBS News, Obama called the idea that the USA could arm a moderate rebel force that was capable of beating both the regime and ISIS, a “fantasy”.

America’s Appeaser in Chief went further, stating that those in opposition to Assad were “farmers and dentists and folks”, implying that they weren’t much of a force to take on Assad’s for-hire-for-a-bag-of-weed-and-$200 rent-a-shabihas.

Which just goes to prove that wise old Yiddish proverb; “If you don’t want to do something, any excuse is as good as another”.

It wasn’t circumstances that prevented Obama from helping the Syrian people against the regime’s genocidal slaughter; it was policy. A hidden policy in blatant contradiction to the Obama administration’s public statements and stated intentions. For years, Obama told America’s allies one thing, while deliberately planning something entirely different.

The world has long regarded Barack Obama as a 21st century Neville Chamberlain. The truth turned out to be much worse; the man is a veritable Judas Iscariot.

In Dante’s Inferno, the lowest, most damning levels of hell are reserved for traitors, for the Brutuses and Judases of this world, such is the contempt that societies hold for those who betray those who put their trust in them. If Obama never had any intention of helping the Syrian rebels, that should have been made clear from the start.

But to advance excuse after pathetic excuse, to give the impression that circumstances or conditions or the potential recipients of such aid were not quite ready, was to engage in a three year long hoax.

Judas Obama’s moral cowardice was such that he didn’t even have the guts to tell America’s allies in the region the administration’s actual intentions; there was never going to any serious action on the part of Obama to remove Bashar Assad from power, and everything was done by the USA to make sure his opponents never got the kind of support that would have deposed him.

In retrospect, alot of events over the past three years start to make much more sense, when one accepts the fact that it was always Obama’s policy to make sure Bashar Assad’s rule was never in danger.

Events like the British Parliament’s shock vote in August 2013 to deny David Cameron any leeway in joining in a military response to the regime’s barbaric use of chemical weapons that month. A vote that was a three-line whip.

A three line whip is a way to indicate to members of parliament that attendance and voting along party lines was expected of each party member. Nothing short of an untimely death should prevent an MP from being present at the vote, and no MP would vote against their party’s wishes unless one intended to depose of their party leader, or change parties immediately after the vote.

In short, a British government does not lose their party members’ support for a three line whip without very dire consequences either for the government, or the rebellious party members. One or the other usually goes.

Except, apparently, on that vote on August 30th 2013, when a considerable number of Conservative MPs not only were absent from the vote, but actually voted against the government. The next day, it was business as usual.

No repercussions for the government whose party members had rebelled against it. No consequences for the Conservative MPs who had broken party ranks. Not even a mild word of rebuke for the Conservative Party’s Chief Whip, whose job it was in theory to keep the Prime Minister appraised of the party rank and file’s mood on the issue being voted on.

In democracies, any elected representative is free to vote on any issue according to their own wishes or the wishes of those who elected them. The right of the each British MP to vote as they saw fit that night is not in dispute.

What is in dispute is that David Cameron ever intended to win that vote. The aftermath of a defeat on a three line whip are usually dire for all concerned. But in retrospect, it would seem that Cameron got exactly the vote he wanted. The rest is history, and Bashar Assad was allowed to get away with the worst single atrocity of the 21st century.

Obama’s apologists (and oh lord are there plenty of those, some of them even more rabid-dog fanatics than Bashar’s shabihas) will point out that the USA has been the biggest single donor to aid efforts to help Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

Let me tell you what a refugee wants; they want to go home. They want to be able to rebuild their lives, and get on with the job of creating a better society for their children to live in. Obama’s treacherous under handed crippling of the Syrian opposition has made that prospect impossible.

Millions of Syrian refugees will now live out their lives in countries they can never fully integrate in. The price of the tents seems to be one Obama is prepared to pay to secure Syria for Bashar Assad and his sons and his son’s sons.

And speaking of this century’s worst war criminal, it is absolutely astonishing that even with one superpower working openly to support him, and another working in the shadows to undermine his opponents, Bashar “I wanna be so like my butcher of a daddy” Assad is still no closer to winning this war. Hizbollah terrorists and Iranian backed sectarian militias are all that stand between El Doktor and the hangman’s noose.

It would be a waste of time to point out all the problems with Judas Obama’s statements that there was never a rebel force capable of overthrowing the regime (really Barry? then why does Bashar desperately need the help of his sectarian terrorist friend Hassan Nasrallah to mount any offensive), or that “teachers and dentists and farmers” make bad soldiers (then go disband your National Guards, and demobilize your men and women serving in the reserves. And eliminate your fucking Reserve Officer Training Courses you clueless community organizer).

A waste of time because the specific excuse will always change, but Obama will always have an excuse for inaction, not just in Syria but anywhere America is challenged. Can anyone blame Poland’s Foreign Minister for stating in a recorded conversation that Poland’s ties with the USA were “worthless”, and that the Polish-American alliance “isnt worth anything”, and creates a “false sense of security”.

Under this administration, many of America’s allies are coming around to the same conclusion. Judas Obama was a fool to think he could be perceived to be weak in the Middle East and expect to retain the capability to project strength elsewhere. His much anticipated “pivot” to Asia has proven to be a pipe dream. A fantasy.

That’s the thing about being a Judas, word gets around, until no one would trust you to give them change for a ten dollar bill. In Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Europe, Asia and the Gulf, America’s allies are counting down the months and weeks to Obama’s last day in office.

A day that despots and terrorists around the world will be sure to mourn. Judas Obama has proven the most accommodating POTUS imaginable for war criminals, neo-Stalinists and nuke-craving Ayatollahs the world over.